Midwives of Lindsay and the Lakes

Care During Pregnancy

We value spending time with women to answer questions, to discuss and support her plans for the birth, to get to know her support people, and to develop a caring relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Appointments last 30-60 minutes and are usually scheduled at the following intervals:

                               Every four weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy
                               Every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy
                               Every week until birth

There are three midwives at our practice.  You will meet all three midwives during your pregnancy. This ensures that you will get to know the midwives who will be attending your birth. A midwife is available to you by pager, 24 hours a day for labour calls and health concerns.

During prenatal appointments, your midwives will carefully monitor the clinical aspects of your pregnancy such as blood pressure, measuring your baby's growth, and by ordering the necessary prenatal tests such as blood work and ultrasounds. All tests and interventions are available to you during your pregnancy and birth. All options are thoroughly discussed so that women can make informed choices. If a medical concern arises at any time during your care, your midwife will consult the appropriate specialist.